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You're NOT going to believe what I did with this piece of scrap plywood, you've got to see it!

I cut door hangers almost daily, so therefore I always have scrap pieces of plywood cluttering up our shed. I really hate throwing any of it away, so anything I can do to use it makes me happy. This time I knew exactly what I wanted to use this scrap piece for.

I had recently demonstrated how to use graphite paper to put lettering on a door hanger and this got me thinking about that project. I found an image of 3 crosses and that's where it all started. Thinking about Easter the pastel colors came to mind, so I started by painting the base.

I painted the base white, then dry brushed with both pink and purple. I purposefully wanted it to have a kind of rough non-blended look. I then taped down the image of the crosses on to the sign and used my graphite paper to trace the crosses on.

Here's a quick video of my transferring and painting the crosses, super quick and easy. I bought the graphite paper from Hobby lobby, you can use it multiple times. Once traced on to the wood you can start painting. I used glossy black Anita's craft paint from Hobby Lobby.

I used my cricut to design the greeting and painted it with a stencil. I just think this sign is gorgeous and perfect for the Easter holiday.

Now that my sign is finished and sealed with a coat of polyurethane. I get to work turning this into a beautiful Easter wreath. I purchased the greenery from Hobby Lobby and the flowers from Michaels.

This is a gorgeous wreath and the sign matches perfectly with the beautiful flowers. I chose to use a simple purple and burlap ribbon bow. It didn't need anything to fancy. Sometimes simple is best!

Can you believe this all started with a scrap piece of plywood. I love this wreath and I'm sure it will sell fast. Here's the link if you think it would be best on your door!!

Thanks for checking out this post! Happy Crafting!


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