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You might call it farmhouse, I call it adorable!

I love black and white, but truth be told I don't care too much for farmhouse... Or maybe, I'm just in denial. I love some color and LOTS of neutrals. Oh and shiplap, I LOVE shiplap! So here's a cute little sign that has all of that!

The canvas sign and popsicle sticks I found at dollar tree. I've picked up these little canvas every since I did my 1st reverse canvas craft. Check it out here:

The first thing I did was take the canvas off the frame. That was a little tricky it was tough to get off. I finally got an exacto knife and cut it off. Then I got to work painting the frame black. I set the canvas aside because I will use this again. I wanted to create a shiplap look, so this is where the popsicle sticks come in handy. I created a shiplap pattern by laying out enough popsicle sticks horizontally to cover the canvas. This will be the background to my new sign.

I glued these together by placing 2 popsicle sticks vertically along the others to keep it secure. Now I will flip this over and glue it to my canvas. You can see there is a little extra canvas that my sticks don't cover. That's perfectly ok, because I will glue the frame back onto the canvas then cut any extra off.

I painted the popsicle stick background white and then glued the black frame back onto the canvas. I painted the wooden home sign with this pretty light turquoise from Hobby lobby.

Once the home sign was painted and dried I hot glued it right on to the sign and got to work making this fun little bow out of some cute little ribbon. This sign is perfect to sit on a shelf, cabinet or your could hang. Lots of options.

I purchased the canvas for $1 at dollar tree, the wooden home sign was from hobby lobby - $1.99 but 40% off. The popsicle sticks were $1 from dollar tree also. I had the paint and ribbons for the bow and the hot glue, so all in all it was a pretty cute and inexpensive little project. I hope you enjoyed!

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