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What to do with those extra leftovers?

No, I'm not talking about last nights' dinner leftovers. I'm talking about all of those individual flowers you have left over from different projects. If your like me and make floral arrangements, whether it's for yourself, memorial day or that pretty stem of flowers that caught your eye at the store and JUMPED into your basket but have NEVER been used. You get what I'm saying, your probably starting to think goodwill seems like the best option...... NO way! Here's an cheap easy way to use those up and make something beautiful.

I had a bag full of leftover flowers from 4 custom orders recently. Lots of individual stems left that I just didn't use. So when I found these cute galvanized buckets at dollar tree I grabbed a couple and some of this foam. Off I went! If you saw this beautiful wreath I made recently, you'll recognize all of these left over flowers. They are so bright and cheerful, perfect for a spring arrangement.

First, you'll need to cut the foam to the size of your pot. Then I start by covering the foam with some type of moss. Anything works, I just didn't want to see any part of the foam.

I covered the top of the foam with hot glue and pressed the moss on. Now, I had all of these individual flower and leaves so I started with what looked like the biggest flower and placed it right in the middle and pressing it into my foam just a little. I wanted to create some height with this flower.

Now, I just keep adding flowers and the leaves until the pot is full. I had a couple little flowers and pieces of greenery that I added in just to add some extra color and texture. In arrangements like this where your using up leftovers anything goes add whatever you have.

Once I had filled my pot and used up all the individual pieces, I called it good. You could definitely keep adding to it if you like. You just have to take a look at the piece and see if it seems full enough and if your have even placement of flowers.

I think it turned out just perfect! Pretty little addition to a table or a mantle like I used it. If you love the wreath you can find it at

Until, next time! Happy Crafting Friends!


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