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What can you make with a frame, a bunny butt and some eggs? Let me show you!

I'm ready for the colors, bunnies and everything Spring! I've been totally obsessed with make arrangements on different types of items recently. In fact, if you follow me on social media, I made an adorable water can door hanger with a fun flower arrangement on it recently on my weekly tutorials. Turned out so cute, you can watch the re-play here:

Today I'm working on using up a couple of items from my craft room. This is how it started.

I found this screen print canvas in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby, and it's just been waiting for the right project. I've also had these dollar tree egg picks and of course the fun bunny but pick. I grabbed some dry foam, moss and lamb's ear and got to work.

The first step was removing the screen and painting the frame white with Waverly chalk paint.

While that was drying, I sized and cut a piece of the dry foam. This will get hot glued onto the corner of my frame and the arrangement will be built from there.

When the frame was dry, I glued the piece of foam into place then, I glued the moss to the foam to cover it up just a bit. It will all be hidden from the picks, but I think it give a good, finished look. The first item I started with to build my arrangement is the lamb's ear. I grabbed this from the Walmart floral dept. They can be used so many different ways and it's always in style especially for Easter.

I just started adding in all the different items. I had to cut down the stems of the lambs' ear, and all of the other picks so that they would go into my foam. I saved a little room to create a bow that will be attached in the middle.

I created my bow and attached a floral pick to the back so that I can press the stem of the floral pick into the foam and secure it with hot glue.

I had the thought of using some ribbon at the top so you could hang this cute frame. However, I wanted to use it on a shelf so I didn't but that is another option.

I love the little bunny butt sticking up, and all the colors of ribbon and eggs. Just an adorable, easy little addition for spring and Easter. Hope you enjoyed!!


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