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Using graphite paper to transfer lettering to wood. How to paint a personalized gift.

I made a fun heart shaped door hanger for my mom as a Valentine. I wanted it to have all of her grandkids name on it, that's where the graphite paper came in.

I cut out an 18" heart from 1/4" plywood and painted it pink with Anita's craft paint. My mom has 5 grandkids but you could do this with any number of hearts and names you needed.

I printed off all the names and mimi's sweethearts from word. You could use bigger or different font, this was just a basic.

Graphite paper is used to transfer any design or lettering to another surface. Just tape down what you are wanting to trace, where you want it to be. Then slide your graphite paper shiny side down, up under your paper and trace the lettering.

I planned to go back and paint the names on, I just used this technique as a guide. Here's a quick video, you can see just how quickly this can be done.

I finished painting the names, did some shading and highlighting. When dried I coated with clear coat of polyurethane to seal. I finished it off by adding a fun Valentine bow. This is such a cute way to personalize a gift. I delivered it to my mom and she loved it! Hope you enjoyed this technique!

Happy crafting!


plywoodand painted it pink with Anita's craft paint from hobby lobby.

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