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Under $10 Last minute gift for Mom!

If you haven't spoiled you Mother figure this year and your not sure what to do, I've got a quick last minute in expensive project for you to do today! Paint, fruit and couple other things is all you need!

Grab a pack of these tea towels and a couple of lemons from Walmart, a couple wooden utensils and the gift tags from Dollar Tree and your off. I'm going to show you how to use fruit and paint to make a fun gift.

First cut your lemons, I did on horizontally and the other vertically. Then spread your tea towel out.

For this project I picked yellow and pink for my paint colors. I just simply dabbed my lemons in the paint and started stamping them into an alternating pattern on my towel. One towel I used the lemon cut vertically, then on another towel I stamped on the lemon that was cut horizontally.

While your towels are drying, start painting the ends of your spoons. They will need a couple of coats, so while your doing that you can work on your gift tag. I traced a piece of scrapbook paper and used mod podge to apply it onto the gift tag, then did a coat over the top. I had removed the twine hanger then just poked a hole through the scrapbook paper to rethread it.

Once all your paint & mod podge is dry, you can write a sweet not on your tag and put your pretties together. I stacked my towels on top of each other, then added my painted utensils. I grabbed my gift tag and used a piece of twine to tie them all together. This is such a fun easy project and whomever you give to will love. Or make one for yourself. So color or fruit combinations would be cute, yellow and green with lemon and limes. Orange with oranges.. options are endless. I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Crafting!


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