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Turn a blank wood block into a cute summer treat!

Do you have a tray you like to decorate for each holiday/season? Seems like tiered trays or a tray of any kind is trending right now in home décor. So, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Truth be told I've had one for awhile but it held my alexa, keys and a couple other things...not really any décor so time to get with it. Seems like we ALWAYS have a project of some sort going on and therefore, we have lots of extras. This time I'm working with a wood blank that I've cut to size and sanded. I grabbed it and 3 colors... Take a guess at what I'm making!

Black, white and brown paints...think summer! Yep! This little block of wood will become a smore. I started by mixing my brown and white color to get a little lighter brown to begin the graham cracker crust.

Now, I'm going to take my brown and black paint and mix them together to make a pretty dark brown to become my chocolate layer. I'm paint with filbert paint brushes, typically used for lettering because they work really well for blending but in small areas like this they work great with their rounded edge.

Here's an amazon affiliate link for them:

This little smore is going to stand up on my tray, so I'm only painting the front and sides. You could do the back as well, just do the same steps there.

Now I'm working on the white marshmallow. It's going to take a couple coats of white over this wood to get it right so be patient. This needs to be the biggest part of your smore so make sure your measure each layer so that this has plenty of space.

After the white has dried, I added the bottom crust and painted a simple face on our smore. Here's how it and the other items look in my tiered tray.

So cute and perfect for summer. That was a super easy paint project that only used 3 colors. Simplicity at it's best. If you're looking to start your summer décor, look no further! You can snag a set of these fun 4 - tiered tray pieces; felt fire, let's get toasted sign, two marshmallows and the cute little smore you can purchase them from my shop. Click here to get all 4 TODAY!

Set of 4 - Tiered tray Summer items, summer decor, summertime tray decor | Under a Cottonwood

Hope you enjoyed this fun little project! Until next time!

Happy Crafting,


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