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The wreath making hack you need to know, and a trick you'll love!!!

Take a look at the grapevine wreath form I purchased. It is so thin you can literally see right through it! Now, I know I could take it back and exchange it for a different one but, from time to time it's just the way they are made. So here's what you do if you see one like mine!

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I like my designs to be full but I like the rustic feel of a grapevine. So, to solve the problem you use mesh! Being the hoarder I am you know I had some scrap pieces leftover from other projects, so that's a 2 for 1! Here's how I start, for this I grabbed 10 brown pipe cleaners.

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I threaded these through from back to front all around this grapevine. This is what I will use to add the mesh onto my wreath.

I cut my mesh into about 10-12" wide pieces. I know that I need at least 10 pieces since I had 10 pipe cleaners. *Link for the neutral and white snowball mesh from amazon:

Take your cut piece of mesh, gather it in the middle then add it to the grapevine using the pipe cleaner to attach it to then tighten the pipe cleaner. I work my way around the wreath adding enough pieces of the mesh until I get the fullness look I'm looking for.

Go back and cut off all the ends of the pipe cleaners and tuck the end down tight. Now your ready to create your beautiful design. I have one other easy hack for you though.

After I made a couple of bows for my wreath, I had a few pieces of ribbon that aren't big enough for another bow or anything really. To use it up I am going to create some ribbon picks from these small pieces of ribbon.

I used these wired floral picks to attach my ribbon to. I simply placed the pick in the middle of the ribbon, pinch the ribbon together then using the wire I twisted it around my ribbon to secure.

Here's the link to the picks from amazon:

Now I've got quite a few ribbon picks to use on my wreath. Look how it helped add color and texture to my wreath. I only had 2 bows on my wreath, but using these picks round the wreath it helps to add the designs of the ribbon all around.

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It turned out Beautiful! So full and bright, to think of how thin that grapevine was when I started and to see it now you wouldn't even know it was under all of this. And the extra pops of ribbon with the ribbon picks are perfect and I put the scraps to use!

Happy Crafting!


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