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The ugly pumpkin makeover from Dab to Fab!

If you've been around awhile you know I LOVE the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby. Sometimes you can get good stuff for next to nothing. I ran in there a couple weeks ago and I found this ugly pumpkin that clearly needed some love. I don't necessarily find something every time, but often enough that I make it a point to cruise down the isle when I'm there. I did both of these projects for my weekly Tutorial Tuesday on Facebook. You can check it out here:

Look at that poor thing. Stem broken, terrible color but, for $2,49 you can't pass it up. At first I thought about painting, because well that's what I do. You could easily transform this with a spray paint or acrylic paint, but I went a different direction.

I went through my fabric stash and found the orange fabric quarter from Wal-Mart. I think it was $1.

I first laid the pumpkin on the piece of fabric laid out to make sure it would reach all the way around and it did. I started by pulling out that piece of wire that was where the stem had broken off. I grabbed a foam brush to help press the fabric down in the middle and started wrapping the pumpkin in the fabric.

I cut off the extra fabric that way in the way as I moved around the pumpkin, then when I only had a little left to cover I used a little hot glue right in the middle to secure the end.

I had picked up a stick from my yard to make a new stem on my pumpkin and hot glued it right in the middle where I had pressed the fabric in. I made a little fabric bow out of scraps of fabric and burlap I had and it finished him perfectly.

Isn't it cute?!?! And who does love a little buffalo plaid & leopard combination... so easy, fast and adorable. This pumpkin has definitely went from drab to fab!!

Happy Crafting!


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