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The easiest thing you'll ever make!

Working from home means I now have a favorite place to sit and write, I've found the best lighting area, changed where I go live and of course my craft supplies are strung all over the house! I'm trying to find just the right spot that can be mine, so I needed a little sign for my craft room door.

I'm serious this is the easiest thing you could ever make. I only needed 3 items and some hot glue.

Hobby Lobby has a ton of wood cutouts; some with sayings like this create I picked up, animals, crosses, etc. I thought the word Create was perfect for my project. The wood plank came from Walmart craft section and the ribbon was from Michael's. Let's get started.

First, I painted my word white. I think you could leave the word raw, kinda cute. Or you could paint any color and use it with any color of ribbon also. It usually takes about 3 coats of white to look really good. While that was drying, I got to work on the ribbon.

I chose a wide 2 1/2" ribbon for this project and placed it right down the middle of the sign. However, you could use a smaller ribbon and maybe put 2 or 3 strips of it across the sign. So many options that are simple. I placed a thin line of hot glue down the top and bottom of my ribbon to keep it in place.

To keep it clean and look finished I had measure my ribbon to go horizontal across my sign and then just slightly around the edges. I folded over each end and glued it down so that the end of my cut ribbon would look a little cleaner that just the raw edge.

I simply glued my word down over the top of my ribbon. One reason I liked the 2 1/2" ribbon was that my word was just about the same size. Placing my word in the middle and then glue it place and that's it. This particular wood plank sign was already white washed and had the twine attached to hang. You could easily use any scrap piece of wood and then attach your own way to hang.

Here's how mine came together. I told you, so simple. Now every time I read this walking into my craft room I'll know exactly what to do! Hope you enjoyed, and be inspired to 'Create' your own!

Happy Crafting!


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