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A Patriotic Star Sign to add to your home decor!

Depending on where you live in the US this week you might have been like me and had to cover your freshly planted flowers and woke up to snow!! Yes, snow! But, I am dreaming of Summer! Here's my 1st Patriotic craft for the season. It turned out really cute and there are a lot of ways your can use it.

I found this fun little galvanized wall hanging plaque at hobby lobby and new I had to have! I dug through all of my scrapbook paper recently to see what I had and came across this kind of faded, rustic looking piece. It's not bright at all so when I found this little star at dollar tree and knew I had a match!

My plan is to mod podge this scrapbook paper onto the star, so I start by tracing the star. You always want to trace your piece the way it will go on your project! It helps to make sure it fits properly.

I put a thin coat of mod podge on the star and pressed it on really, really well. This gets rid of any little bubbles that might pop up. Once I've got it smoothed, I put a thin coat over the top of the scrapbook paper to seal it.

Now, to keep with the rustic them I felt like I needed to add something to break up the look of this plaque. So, I used a piece of this 4" burlap from Walmart and cut a piece big enough to fit all the way around the sign.

Using a little hot glue, I glued the burlap to the sign then together. While that's drying, I got to work on a little bow for the sign.

I grabbed a bunch of little mixed matched ribbon scraps I had to create this little Re-fabbed bow. If your familiar with Re-Fabbed on Facebook you'll know that's the process of layering ribbon scraps and then tying it together to make a cute little bow.

I glued my bow right to the middle of my star, then glued my star to the burlap I placed on my sign. This was really a cute little project and the 1st of what will go on my summer mantle.

How cute! Now you could easily use the twine and hang this from a mirror, use it as a sitter on a shelf or mantle or maybe hang it from your front door as a door hanger. Quick easy and perfect for the holiday season.. and Summer!

To wrap up: I purchased the galvanized sign at hobby lobby, star is from dollar tree, scrapbook paper - hobby lobby, mod podge - hobby lobby. Burlap from Walmart and then some scrap ribbon. I hope you enjoyed this easy project! Until next craft!


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