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Scrapbook paper, wood letters and a jungle sign?? Ha, ha, NOPE!

I have been working on a lot of patriotic décor and this might just be my favorite so far! It's so simple and cute, the perfect addition. And NO, I'm not going jungle theme for my 4th of July crafts!!

I LOVE this piece of scrapbook paper I found at Hobby Lobby, pretty sure I should have bought more than one... my other new little favorite are these wooden letters from HL. I wish I had a laser cutter of my own, but I don't. So in the mean time these will do the trick. Now, my fun welcome to the jungle sign came from dollar tree. I grabbed it simply for the size and shape.

I immediately popped off the round jungle piece. Then, I began painting all of the edges white. When the paint had dried I traced the shape on my scrapbook paper.

The scrapbook paper is going on the inside of my little sign. First, I put a thin coat of mod podge on the sign, then put down my paper and applied mod podge over the top.

Here's what I am SOOO excited about! This product is new to me, it is part of the Deco Art paint family at hobby lobby and it is a stain wax paint. It works awesome! I picked out a U,S & A letters from the bag and then painted a thin coat of this paint. If it gets too dark you can simply wipe off with a paper towel or make darker by adding another coat. Works just like stain but dries soooo much faster. When the letters were dry I glued them right to my scrapbook paper. I made a simple bow from some patriotic craft ribbon and raffia and hot glued it to the inside of sign also.

It's adorable, I love the rustic look of the scrapbook paper and the wood letters. Really I could have used a sanding block and ruffed up the edges of this too, but with that rough looking paper I thought that gave it enough character. Easy and adorable!

If you get the chance grab that stain next time your at Hobby lobby and give it a try! Hope you enjoyed this fun little craft!


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