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Reversible bunny arrangement, perfect for spring and Easter!

Run to Dollar General and grab this adorable wooden rabbit. It could be used for so many different things. You could roll up your Easter silverware and put in it, a candle, a jar of candy, the possibilities are endless. I taught a crafting paint party yesterday and had a few spring flowers left so I wanted to make this into a springtime arrangement. I snagged the white bunny because, well I love white, but I thought the flowers would really pop but I also had an idea to make it a reversible or maybe I should say 2 sided. I got home grabbed my supplies and got started.

One side of this little bunny was scratched up a bit, so that is the side I wanted to cover with scrapbook paper. I traced the shape onto this fun pink and white paper from Hobby Lobby.

I used mod podge to attach the paper and then smoothed it out really great, sealing it with a thin coat over the top. Now, to get started I grabbed my dry foam and placed into the middle of the bunny so I would know where to cut it.

I cut the foam and hot glued it down to secure. Then covered the foam with moss hot gluing it to the foam just to make it look a little more natural and hide the green foam.

Now it's time for the fun! I started with a couple picks of lamb's ear from Wal-Mart. I cut each pick in half. This will give me 2 pieces to work with and one is a little taller than the other to vary the height of the greenery on my arrangement.

From here I just start by adding different colors of flowers, that the stems are cut at different lengths as well to add dimension to the arrangement by vary heights of the flowers. I put a little hot glue on the end of each stem and push it down into the foam.

Working with flowers is one of my favorite things in the world, it's just fun and so beautiful! Look at how cute this little bunny arrangement turned out and it can be used 2 different ways.

Isn't it adorable!! Just think, if this was sitting in the middle of your Easter table you would have a beautiful yet different design on each side. Or depending on your decor or mood you could use it each way. It would also look cute painted or even adding a stencil design of some sort. Literally the possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoyed!!

Until next week!


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