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Our snowy getaway to Cuchara, Colorado. A cabin with all the views!

Have you ever heard of Cuchara, Colorado? I hadn't either, but wow what an escape. My husband turned 40 and we just celebrated our anniversary, so I asked him... Mountains or Beach? You can guess what he said. After spending all of 2020 at home with no vacation travels, we decided we needed to hit the road. Actually, I told my husband I wanted to go somewhere that I couldn't hear anyone. Well that's what Cuchara is in the off-season. Beautifully quaint.

Our plan was to take a few days and relax, regroup and enjoy nature. I was hoping for snow and thankfully it didn't snow while we were there, but it had and there was still a lot on the ground and more coming in the next few days. Our 1st night we lit the fireplace and made a quick dinner as we had traveled most of the day.

We rented a little cabin airbnb and these are our views from the couch, gorgeous.

Now priorities, we had the get the drinks chilled. I call it mountain refrigeration. Works great!

Lastly, we lit the fireplace and put our feet up, great start to a relaxing few days.

Cuchara used to have an operating ski resort prior to 2010, however they are working diligently to get it back up and running. So in the off-season the locals who live here and a few hunters, which aren't many are the only ones around. That being said everything is closed. We drove a few miles down the road looking for the local elk herd and saw some beautiful country. We didn't find any elk but we did come across this beautiful frozen lake.

We really took advantage of our time in the beautiful area, here's the view from our room. I just knew anytime some type of wildlife was going to come over that hill, but never saw a thing.

I love these trees! We're definitely NOTin Kansas anymore.

This little cabin is decorated so cute, and I just love this sign. I mean truth, right!!

We brought and cooked most all of our meals here at the cabin, I mean Mr. Marshall, steaks and that view.. I don't need anything else.

Our last day we decided to take a road trip up to Pueblo for some shopping and lunch. We found an amazing Italian restaurant along Pueblos' river walk area. Take a look at this picture of my husband, he was in pizza heaven. Look at the size of those slices. Needless to say we would totally recommend this restaurant, it was reasonably priced and everything we had was delicious.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. We don't always get an opportunity to getaway alone, but boy is it necessary. Nothing like spending one on one time with your spouse.

I would love to visit Cuchara in the summer as there are many activities, and the motto here is truly to relax. When the ski resort opens back up, I would love to try that! We might even bring the rest of the family back to visit..maybe!

Thanks for reading about our getaway! We are starting 2021 off refreshed and relaxed!!


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