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Oh my gosh, this turned out so cute!! And it's quick and easy!

I have seen a couple projects using a canvas but, I wasn't really sure about it. Well let me tell you, it's genius. I had a stack of 8" x 10" canvas my son bought for a project a few years ago and never used, they have literally been collecting dust on the top shelf of my craft room. I was looking at them like you need to go! I'm so glad this all came together.

I always have scrapbook paper on hand cause that is truly my 2nd love to crafting. In fact, that's really how I got started was working on scrapbooks for my kiddos. Anyway... I picked up a few of these wood cutout pieces from Dollar Tree last year. I bet they still have them or something similar. I will always love buffalo check, so I dug in my scrapbook paper until I found this small patterned paper. I knew I didn't want to overload the plaid but I figured I could at least make the bunny black and white. So my 1st step was to remove the canvas from the frame.

It can be a little challenging to do this but try to get it off in one piece. I cut the edges down to fit the size of the frame, then hot glued the cutout canvas to the back of the frame.

Once I get the canvas secured, I paint the front of the frame white. While the 1st coat of paint is drying I'm going to start working on my bunny. You want to flip your scrapbook paper face down then put whatever your tracing down on the paper, then cut it out.

Paint a thin coat of mod podge on the wood cutout then place the scrapbook paper over it. To finish paint another thin coat over the scrapbook paper to seal. While that's drying I started painting the rest of the wording white.

When finished drying, I put a little bow around the bunny using twine and then a pom-pom as a tail to finish the bunny. Lastly, I glued the entire piece into the center of the frame. Isn't it so cute! Now you could use a different color on the frame or the wording. And if you don't like buffalo check any scrapbook paper would be cute too. I was just going for a neutral look since I love the black and white plaid.

Super easy right. I have a feeling I will use this idea again in the future! I love how this sign turned out. It is a cute start to my Easter mantle decorations.

Hope your enjoyed! Happy Crafting!


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