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Nesting crates AREN'T just for storage!

You know the absolute best thing about crafting? The possibilities are endless!! I look at these 2 crates and think of all kinds of different ideas. Yes, typically they are used as storage items, but there are so many other ways to use. Can't wait to show you 2 ways I've used for spring! I should have grabbed more of these when I spotted them at Target.

I got started by painting each of the crates. I stained one with Waverly antique wax and painted the other Waverly chalk paint white.

The stained box is up first, I put some styrofoam in the bottom. The goal is to make this into a floral design. I'll add some greenery and a couple little spring accents.

I want to use the white box a little differently, so I cut a piece of this fun shiplap scrapbook paper and fit it into the box. I used the back of the crate to get an idea of the size, but once it was placed where it will go, you'll have to fit it a little more around all the edges.

Once you get it sized, I used mod podge to secure.

I am using a tiny clay pot to create a greenery arrangement for this crate. I put some foam down into the pot and hot glued it to secure. I covered it with moss and used eucalyptus picks to make a pretty little design.

I added a couple of fun spring butterflies and bows to each design.

These turned out adorable! I needed to start thinking and looking for a little spring inspiration and this definitely does the trick! I love the greenery and butterflies!! A couple of great little additions to any home decor and simple to make.

Happy Crafting!


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