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More thoughts of Summer...with a simple Target find!

I've had this little wooden banner from the target dollar spot for a little bit, just waiting for the right time to use it. That time is now!

As you know, I started working on some patriotic décor this week. The best thing about that is if you like it, patriotic items can be used from May till September. Which makes it totally worth your time to decorate red, white and blue!

The first thing I did was take this all apart. Half of my pieces were painted, so I figured it would be really easy to mod podge scrapbook paper over those. Then, the other half that wasn't, I painted. I grabbed some patriotic paper, red and blue paint and got to work. I traced my triangle onto the paper and cutout all the pieces needed. Like any other time your using mod podge, put down a thin coat then apply your paper, thin apply thin coat over top.

Once I had everything painted and mod podged, I had to start restringing my pieces. I laid out the pieces in the pattern I wanted. Anytime your working with twine it likes to fray so here's a trick. Dab a little bit of mod podge on your fingers and run it on the end of the twine. It dries really quick and acts like a glue, the end of your twine will be like a shoestring and your set.

I did have to poke holes on the pieces I put the paper on, but that was easy. Just poked the end with a awl. Make sure you re-string it exactly how it was so and keep the pattern the same so it will hang the right way without wanting to roll. Check out the finished garland!

How adorable is that?? I think the garland was $3 from target, I used a couple different designs of scrapbook paper, paint and mod podge. Simple, but so cute. Now, would someone tell summer we are just about ready!!

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Happy Crafting!


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