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March Madness! It's been a crazy couple of weeks...find out what's been going on.

It's spring, it's almost Easter..have we missed St. Patrick's day?? Baseball/Softball/Track season, of course I'm ready for that!! Wow, friends it's been crazy. I sit writing this blog with a compression fracture in my did that happen you ask?? While visiting my sister in the hospital after open heart - quadruple bypass surgery! To say I haven't been focused on work the last couple of weeks is an understatement. However, to say God is that is the truth!! I'm thrilled to report that my sister is doing great and my back will heal. But. maybe a quiet week of work would be good to get back in the groove.. oh did I mention it's March madness?? Our family is a huge fan of March madness, just not how ours started! I did get a couple projects done the last couple of days and I think you want to see them.

I really wanted to get my Easter table setting done. This dough bowl is always on my table and I just switch it out for each holiday or season. It had been sitting empty since I removed my winter decor, I started with a couple little picks of lambs ear. I picked up these Easter and buffalo check items at hobby lobby.

My inspiration for my setup here was this cute little moss bunny from HL, I just imagined him in his little burrow munching on all the delicious Easter carrots and maybe even a egg filled with candy. I added the blessed wood bead rope to finish off the bowl.

I always use the particular placemats but I found these fun rustic wood chargers at dollar tree. I like the texture the bring with my white napkins and plates. I used a little black ribbon to tie my napkins and just placed one of the extra carrots on each napkin. I'll probably add name card to the carrot before Easter. I will also add fresh flowers in a vase and probably a candle to the center of my table. Off to a good start!

Here's a quick little video I took of the table.

Now. I had one last little space in my living room that I wanted something for. I grabbed a couple of supplies and I think you'll love what I came up with.

Remember those fabric eggs? Yep, I still have fabric left over from that bundle from HL. That was such a great deal, this will be my 3rd project I've used that on and still have a little bit left. Watch my Facebook live to see how this bunny turned out.

Lastly, I had multiple people ask for baseball door wreaths last week. So I had to get busy, I can't believe it's that time again! I LOVE baseball, in fact we have some fun things planned for 2021 that all depend on the MLB schedule, so stay tuned!

This fun sign was the first project I finished for this baseball season. Isn't it cute? It could easily be made for softball too, as could any of my designs! Here's what I did with this sign.

How about that! Let's go, I'm on a roll. Gotta keep moving right, that's life! Hope you've had a great week enjoy the rest of March Madness!! Talk soon!

Happy Crafting!


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