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Make a fun, fall, football chalkboard sign in 3 simple steps!

This year for my fall décor I'm going ALL in on the football theme! We have a Junior in high school this year, #50 on the field! I've found a few cute items, but I picked up a can of chalkboard spray paint and made 2 really fun signs. SHOP ALL THINGS FALL AND MORE HERE!: Shop | Welcome to Under A Cottonwood

I make door hangers out of plywood, so I ALWAYS have extra strap plywood laying around waiting to be put to use. But, you could use these steps on any piece of wood to create the same design. I used 2 raw pieces of my leftover plywood that I sanded down and made smooth.

I used 1" painters tape to create a frame look on both pieces around the edges.

Then I took my wood pieces and old cardboard outside to spray. I picked up this chalkboard paint from Wal-Mart and covered all of the wood. I let dry and did another coat. ORDER IT HERE FROM AMAZON! AMAZING PRICE!!

Once they were dry, I removed the tape and got the good ol' fashion chalk and designed my football theme! How easy is that! So cute and simple and just what I needed to add to my décor.

You could definitely go back and paint the edges with any color, I just chose to leave them raw. Hope you enjoyed this project!

Happy Crafting!

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