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Is that for pizza?? You might be surprised!

You say pizza pan, I say wall hanging! Who knew, right?? You're going to want to stop at dollar tree next time and pick up a couple of these. It's for more than just pizza. I used mine outside, but this could be a really inexpensive door hanger too!

I have a little hook on my porch that most of the time I forget about. I mean it kinda takes the right thing to fit in this spot. However, a pizza pan turned wall hanging would be perfect.

I knew I had that pretty little ivy cutout. So my first thought was to paint this pizza pan black. Yes, I know another black and white diy...what can I say, I like it. Always feel free to imagine it colorful if that's you. The silver is a little challenging to cover but, a couple of coats and it's good to go.

I painted this little wooden wreath white, again a couple coats of white and it's perfect. This wreath will be glued on my black pizza pan.

Now here's where I add some color. I have a lemon door hanger on my door and my porch chair is yellow, with... you guessed it black and white. So, I figured adding yellow to this project would fit into my decor colors just fine.

Once I had it painted, I did a little dry brush of white over it to calm down the yellow just a bit. If this ever happens to you get a little white on your brush then dab most of it off on a paper towel and paint over your project. It doesn't cover it totally, just helps dull the color a bit. When dried, I hot glued the word to the middle of my pizza pan.

The last step is to add some ribbon so this can be hung. I grabbed some 1/2" buffalo plaid ribbon and cut a strip then glued it to the back of the pan to use as a hanger.

Here's something to keep in mind. If my lemon door hanger had a greeting on it, I probably would not have used this project here.Too many words, greetings, etc don't really go together that well. But the simplicity of this seems to work great.

I love how easy this project was. I hope you enjoyed and are inspired to make something for yourself! Maybe all you need is a pizza never hurts either!!

Happy Crafting!


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