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I've seen some of these for a lot of $$. Plus my full Easter mantle reveal!

Fabric, dollar tree garland and some ribbon sounds like a great combination right? Yes! Have you seen those beautiful decorative Easter eggs?? Some are crazy expensive. I wanted to make some for my mantle but within budget. I picked up these 2 garlands at dollar tree a $1 each and the fabric bundle from hobby lobby was $10. I knew with little crafting I could make just what I had in mind.

The first thing I did was separate the eggs from the garland.

Next, I cut out a piece of fabric a little bigger than the size of the egg. You could use the same fabric for all of the eggs, but I wanted them to all be a little different. There were 5 different prints in my bundle so 1 of them I used twice. After cutting enough for each egg I still have a lot of fabric left which I'll use for another craft...hint..stay tuned!!

Now, I take the the fabric and hot glue it around the egg folding it tightly so that is takes the shape of the egg.

Once that is all glued onto the egg then I take some ribbon and and wrap the egg. Again, you could use the same ribbon for each one, but as a crafting hoarder...ha ha, I had many different ribbons.

I alternated fabric and ribbons and even added a little bow I made from the ribbon. These are all non-wired very tiny ribbons I found as a pack in the sewing department of Walmart.

I wanted to use my eggs in the planters I have on my mantle. Therefore, I needed something to attach to the end so it would be visible standing up in the planter. That's where the skewers and styrofoam come in. I had a small block of styrofoam that I cut in half. I poked the eggs down in styrofoam then placed the whole piece down in the little planter. I cut each of the skewers a little different in lengths so they would sit at different heights.

Adding them in the styrofoam makes them all a little more secure and keeps them all facing the same way.

I love them, the perfect addition to my Easter mantle. Everything except the staple here I made.

See their blog posts here:

Lastly, I have this beautiful magnolia wreath from Walmart that I usually always keep here just to add some greenery in the off season of holidays. For Easter I took a few greenery and flower picks I had left over and added that to make it a little more Springy! Is that a word??

Here's a great picture of my buffalo check egg, carrot and bunny banner and the new black and white fabric eggs. All so cute and easy to make. I hope you have enjoyed following along on how I was pulling all of these together and maybe you were inspired to do some DIY of your own!

Happy Crafting!


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