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I bet you didn't know this craft trick...I finally tried it!

I've heard of this being done before but, I just didn't think it could work. I've been hooked on all the patriotic crafting lately, then I spotted these adorable puppy napkins at TJMaxx, I figured it was time for me to try mod podging with napkins. And wait till you see exactly why these pups came home with me!

Ok, I know I've got a lot going on here, in fact too much really. I had an idea in mind and wasn't exactly sure what all I was going to need to make it. I picked up this screen art frame at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago in the clearance section. I honestly have no idea what you would use this for, I just saw a good size frame for less than $3. Here's how it started.

I choose the polka dot fabric I picked up at Wal-Mart. I cut it to the size of my frame and hot glued it straight to the screen. The screen is thin, so be careful the hot glue will go through easily. I placed a piece of wax paper under the frame to help with the mess. Then, I painted the wood frame white with Anita's craft paint from HL. While that was drying I got to work on the napkins.

Ok, here's why I picked up these napkins. Look at that adorable pug dressed up as the statue of liberty. IT'S HILAROUS! These were just too cute, I couldn't pass them up. And that pug! Ok, back on the mission, I plan to mod podge these adorable napkins onto this blank canvas.

I spread out my napkin and it was just the perfect size to cover my canvas. However, I had to cut it in half or else the pups on the top were going to be upside down, due to the design. Not a problem though, I started on the bottom and put a thin coat of mod podge then did the top and gently smoothed it out. After it was smooth I cut off the extra on the sides and put a thin coat of mod podge over the top of the napkin, being sure to paint on very gently. I wasn't sure how easily it would go on, but all in all it was smooth.

When the mod podge and frame had dried, I hot glued the canvas to the middle of my frame. I had this little welcome wood cutout, so I painted it white and it will go on my puppy napkin canvas.

I placed the welcome cutout right in the middle of the canvas where the seam from the 2 pieces of napkin is. I made a small ragbow with the 3 fabrics I had grabbed for this project. I have a tutorial here on how to make a ragbow. I just made a smaller version and didn't have the tails. See that post here:

It's so cute! I just love all of those sweet puppies dressed up! They are adorable. Now the possibilities are endless with all the beautiful, fun, seasonal napkins you see at Home Goods and well everywhere! I hope you enjoyed this craft idea, I'm so glad I finally tried it!

Happy Crafting!


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