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Ideas for how to decorate your door for Winter.

After Christmas my house just looks sad and bare, many of us feel this way. All the beauty of the season, then what??

If your like me it gets colder, and not alot to look forward to. But, I can help! I've created a few fun items that work for that in between time.

Here's 1 of my favorites, works perfectly here in Kansas.

Or if you just can't get over missing Christmas this is for you!

I've had customers tell me they catch themselves singing "my favorite things" everything they look at their door.

For those leopard print lovers this is perfect. Lastly, any Buffalo check lovers?? Take a peak at this adorable door hanger.

Don't you just love these, something for everyone. Hopefully now you will see there are many options for your door decor after the holidays. And if you like to decorate for Valentine's day, I've got that too!

I'm learning to appreciate the options of winter now! Let me know if you see something you like.

Happy shopping! 🛍



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