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Here's a very inexpensive alternative for your decor!

If you've ever seen a tobacco basket at the store you might notice that the price tag is a little more than what your comfortable with. And I mean that's for a bare one, then you have to think about what your going to do with it. So, I have a great solution for you and you won't have to feel guilty over the price. Check out this $1 basket from the dollar tree, it's blue now but not for long.

I went for the espresso satin spray paint from Rust-oleum. I purchased mine from Walmart. You can get it here:

Simple, good coverage and now your ready to roll! Here's a picture of everything I started with; this cute little wooden sign from dollar tree, blessed wood cutout from hobby lobby, some greenery and blue gingham scrapbook paper. Aren't you so proud, It's not black and white! Still plaid but it's blue!

I painted the blessed cutout white. Then I traced and cutout my scrapbook paper.

Now, paint a thin coat of mod podge on the wood cutout and smooth out your paper really good. Once it's smoothed out do another coat over the top.

When dried, hot glue your blessed cutout to the sign.

Let's get to work on the greenery and bow. I had a little eucalyptus pick from Walmart, I cut 3 stems off then cut them in half making a total of 6 pieces.

Using my bowmaker I made a cut little 4 loop bow. I will attach the eucalyptus to the bow with a ziptie.

Before I had my zip tie tightened all the way I slide a pipe cleaner through it so that I can attach it to my basket.

I held up the sign in the middle of my basket and decided where I wanted it to be then using a little piece of twine tied to the basket.

Now, using the pipecleaner on the bow tie the bow to the basket and cut the excess pipecleaner off the back.

I tied a little piece of twine to the top so it could be hung or it could stand up on it's own.

Fun right? And for just a few bucks. The basket was $1, spray paint was the most expensive $4. Such a cute alternative to a tobacco basket. This would be cute painted white or maybe even made into a patriotic design. You could also use this as a basket on the kitchen countertop to hold cookbooks or cutting boards. So many options. Hope you enjoyed this design! Till next time!

Happy Crafting,


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