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Ever bought a tray or bowl and didn't know what to do with it?

It's happened to me millions of times, I look at these beautiful trays and bowls and think they are so pretty.. but what the heck do I put in it. Well, I've got some yarn, twine, popsicle sticks, a couple balls of styrofoam and lots of fabric. Let's make some goodies to fill my dough bowl and look like I know what I'm doing!

There are so many projects you can use popsicle sticks for, I mean you just can't even count. This is one way I've never seen before but, they are so cute! It started with 5 popsicle sticks glued together to form a star shape.

To get started I shaped the popsicle sticks into a star then hot glued the pieces all together. Then I cut a few 1" strips of some red, blue, black and white fabric from some pieces I had left over from other projects.

Once I had enough pieces cut and I was happy with the placement covering the stick, I hot glued each piece on. Nothing has to be perfect or exact, you just want to make sure that the star is covered.

Get each star covered then you can go back and cut off the excess at the rounded edges or anywhere else it needs to be trimmed.

The whole purpose of this project was to make a few items to put in my dough bowl for my summer decor. I had these 2 small stryrofoam balls, so I grabbed them to create some textured items. The first one I started with basic twine. I put 1 small dot of hot glue on the top then started to wrap the twine around.

I just kept wrapping until I got the ball covered and then I cut my twine and glued the end down. Now I'm going to do the same with some white yarn.

I did the exact same thing with this. I hot glued a spot on the top and wrapped until the ball was covered.

I added my stars, 2 balls and a little fabric puff ball I made with leftover fabric scraps to my dough bowl. Throw in some greenery and done! I love how the stars turned out, they are bright but a little shabby chic. This is another $0 project. I already had popsicle sticks, but they are very inexpensive. The 2 styrofoam balls were in a pack of 3 from dollar tree that I used for another project. See it here:

And the fabric, twine and yarn were all from other projects, but very cheap if you needed to buy those also.

I hope you enjoyed this craft, it just might be my new favorite patriotic project!

Happy Crafting!


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