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Don't pass these up next time you see them!

I was on a usually Wal-Mart trip and just happened to sneak down the craft isle. Honest mistake right? Anyway, I came around the corner in the fabric section and they had a bunch these $1.47 fat quarter bundles. I've seen these before but really never paid attention because I never noticed them to have seasonal designs before. I grabbed 4 of my favorite patriotic patterns and clicked my heals with delight. Now, I've got a plan!

I've been looking at my mantle shelf and wondering what else it needed. It's decorated for 4th of July but just didn't seem finished. So when I saw this fabric I decided the perfect way to finish it was with a fabric banner. I've made one of these before for fall. You can check out that post here:

To get started, I tore up all my fabric and made a mess. That's what crafting is all about ultimately, right? Making your space a disaster, but something adorable comes from it. I cut about a 1" slit in the fabric and then ripped it. This creates multiple pieces of fabric. I did this with all 4 of the bundles.

I started my banner using this fluffy white yarn I bought at Wal-Mart a while ago. I've tried to use it in many projects and it lasts forever. I had measured how much I would need for the length of my mantle and cut it. Then, I started tying the fabric pieces to it.

Now, I knew I had a leftover bag of fabric scraps so when I got all 4 of my fabric tied on the yarn I grabbed that bag and picked a few red, blue and black/white pieces and added them to the banner. I made mine about 8ft long. If you had a smaller banner you probably wouldn't need any extra, or you could have cut the fabric in half and made it shorter in length. That would make it a little thicker too.

I love how mine turned out and it finished off the space perfectly. Hope you enjoyed this easy, inexpensive patriotic banner.

Happy Crafting,


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