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How I transitioned from Christmas to Winter; simple AND FREE!

Every year you take down your Christmas decor and if you like me, it's basically a grieving process. The house seems bare, color is gone, and you think now what? This year I've got a lot of ideas because I'm just not ready to say goodbye to all of my beautiful decor.

I use a lot of black and white in my holiday decorations, so that made it a little easier to transition to winter vs. Christmas. I kept some of the red items out to create my 1st ever Valentine tree! I'll show you that soon, so stay tuned.

Probably my favorite thing I did for my winter decor was keeping a tiny 3ft tree we had in our bedroom and turning it into a winter tree by just keep all things white from my Christmas tree. Didn't cost me a thing!!

So pretty and cute, no base or tree skirt, but I don't even care. I LOVE it and it makes me happy. The glowing lights at night ARE THE BEST!

I decorate for Christmas with many different items; reindeer, snowflakes, trees items that can also be part of winter. See that little snowman in the picture, he gets to stay out for a little while long.

In my business of home decor, I make many garlands to sell each year so of course I have multiple in my own home. I love what the greenery and lights bring to the season. They are so versatile too; the possibilities are endless when it comes to design. All of mine are a little different from the bows, ribbon or even the lights. It can be hard to light up garlands depending on where to plan to use them, so I also like the pre-light battery pack options. Or you can purchase a garland and add your own LED battery pack to the garland, this would allow you to light it up anywhere you wanted to use. GENIUS!!

I did a Facebook live last year showing how to add a battery pack of light to the wreath, you could use the same idea on a garland. See that video here:

I have 3 garlands in my dining room kitchen area that are black and white, so they get to stay for winter.

I did make a couple of items new to use this year. I have a new Winter Printable Bundle that you can purchase too! It's a 2-page PDF file that you can print out at home (I use cardstock), then create as many items as you like. Here's an example of 2 little signs I just made live.

Super cute right! Get yours here: Winter Printable Bundle | Under a Cottonwood

See the Live here:

I also took some greenery and other items I had on my Christmas table setting and added those items into this dough bowl.

See this beautiful arrangement, it was part of the tree topper I used this year on my Christmas tree. I just kept the white and silver items and added them to this pretty black vase. Gorgeous!!

Home decor doesn't have to be expensive or hard. It just needs to be things you LOVE!! EVERYTHING I used in my winter decor I had as part of my Christmas. If you want to try transitioning from Christmas to winter think about this:

  1. Do you love the item and want to use it longer? Could it be used for winter? Don't pack it up just yet!

  2. Keep items like greenery, neutral or even metallic colors. These items can work for winter!

  3. Is it something that reminds you of cozy, snowy days? Like snowflakes, tree and deer! Those are GOLD for winter!

  4. Have fun with it, almost everything I kept out for Winter found new place in my home. Change it up, that will help make you feel like it's NEW! AND it will bring you so much JOY!



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