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Create a cute fall candy corn on a canvas with ribbon.

Hey there friend! If you are like me, you might have craft ribbon coming out your ears and all kinds of other places too! A lot of times I get down to the end of a roll and have a tiny little piece that isn't really big enough for anything. UNTIL NOW! **This is also your friendly reminder to NOT throw away scraps, you can use for many other projects**

Grab you ribbon and glue gun and let me show you what I did here.

I used a blank white canvas I had as a good clean background, but oh my you could do this project on any kind of surface, and I think it would be really cute! I started with my yellow strips of ribbon and cut one piece for the bottom to get started. I cut each side at an angle, this will be the largest piece. From here I will cut each piece of ribbon a little smaller working all the way to the top with different colors and patterns of ribbon.

Now, I will share a little trick. Obviously, the top of a candy corn is white but with my background being white it would not have shown up well. I took a piece of brown burlap and cut it to size then placed my white ribbon on top of it, problem solved!

Once you have your pattern cut and laid out, just go back and hot glue it into place. What an adorable little fall decor item.

If you'd like to watch the full video of how I made this and painted a cute little candy corn door hanger, check out the Facebook live here:

Happy Crafting!


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