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Carrots, carrots, the cutest carrots! You will want to make these!!

I've see these so many different ways, from covered with twine to wrapped in yarn. My version FABRIC!!

1st things 1st. I picked up these Styrofoam cones from Hobby Lobby. If you saw my blog post about my fabric Easter eggs You know I had some fabric left over. So that's 2 crafts for the price of 1. Actually, that little fabric bundle will end up making quite a few DIY crafts. This is really so easy, you just need enough fabric to cover the cone, you could use any scrap you have.

You can see I cut a slit in my fabric just as a start for my carrot. I put a little hot glue along the edge of the cone the rolled in onto my fabric keeping it fairly tight. Then roll your fabric until it totally covers the carrot, cut off the extra and hot glue the other side.

You'll be left with a little extra around the top and bottom. Take a little bit of glue and fold the fabric down make the bottom of your carrot flat.

You will want to do the same with the extra fabric on the top of your carrot, however you want to just leave a little bit of the styrafoam showing so you can add your greenery.

Now put a small drop of hot glue on the styrafoam that is showing and place your greenery in the foam. I picked up these little eucalyptus picks from Walmart. They worked perfectly!

If they are a little longer that you like just cut in half and use it in your carrot.

How about that, easy right? And super cute! I ended up doing 3 in different fabrics. My plan was to use on an end table in my living room so I got a piece of twine and dried raffia and made a little bow around the 3. It was the perfect little addition to my Easter living room décor.

I love it when DIY project are easy, simple and inexpensive. These carrots were all 3! Literally. If you need to see it done, you can watch the replay of my live video here:

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

Happy Crafting!


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