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Blue for Easter, Absolutely!

Yes, I love black and white and no it's not really traditional Easter colors but... who cares right? However, I found this beautiful color blue fog Anita's craft paint at hobby lobby and it's perfect. After all crafting and home décor is all about what you love and not necessarily the same as everyone else.

Speaking of love, I saw this adorable little bunny in the Easter section of Hobby Lobby and knew he had to come home with me. I needed something for one of my end tables in the living room. Seeing this bunny and my new favorite color of blue fog I was set! I picked up a coordinating scrapbook paper and had a plan to make a cute Easter sign to sit next to Mr. Bunny!

First things first, I traced the scrapbook around my wooden sign. Always trace your project just the way it is be face up.

Once I cut out all of my scrapbook paper I attached to my wooden sign with a thin coat of mod podge. After all of my paper is on I applied a thin coat of mod podge over the top of it to seal my sign. While that's drying I got started painting my cross. The cross will go on top on my sign.

Again, I am loving this color!! It looks a little grey when you get started but it is truly the prettiest blue.

I recruited my daughter to help paint Mr. Bunny while I finished the cross. I used hot glue to attach to my sign then made a simple little bow out of dried raffia and twine. Adorable!!

I loved having my daughter join me for this project, in fact we did it on Facebook live. If you'd like to watch the replay you can here.

My daughter Alyssa suggested we put a bow tie on the bunny, it was the perfect addition to finish him. Here's how it came together. I just love it!

Happy Crafting!


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