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An Adorable Easter banner. Bunnies and carrots oh my!

Ok, so I bought a new toy this week. A scroll saw...I've joked that only someone over 40 would consider that a toy and be excited. I figured that this tool would be a great way to use up my scrap plywood I use on door hangers. This saw will allow me to make smaller more intricate cuts. My first project was to make an Easter banner. I've seen so many people making these cute banners from wood cutouts they purchased at dollar tree. I could never find any so that made me want to make my own. Here's where I started.

The first thing I did was find a clipart picture of a bunny and a carrot. I copied it into word sized it accordingly and printed. I cut out each one from paper and traced on to poster board, just to have a thicker stencil and I will probably reuse the designs again. I used my new friend the scroll saw to cut out each design. I did 5 carrots(because they were easier to cut) and 4 bunnies. This size was perfect for a 6ft banner.

I did sand each one down a bit after I cut them out. Then I started painting them. I used Anita's craft paint, painting the bunnies white and the carrots orange with a green top. After a couple of coats I added a little black and white to add some dimension.

Now, I planned to use twine to string my banner, ideally I should have drilled holes through each cutout but I thought I'd try it using hot glue. In order to space them out evenly I started in the middle. Having 5 carrots I knew a carrot would be in the middle and then alternate a bunny from there toward each end.

I hot glued the twine to the back of each cutout and then placed a small piece of burlap over the glue to help secure it.

Once they were all glued and secured, it's time to hang it up!

How cute is that?? I had originally cut my twine about 8ft long knowing my mantle was 6ft, this allowed me to have a little extra on each side so that I could hang it evenly.

I just love it and ultimately it only cost me some paint and little bit of twine. It's a great addition to my mantle that is getting closer to being finished.

Hope you enjoyed learning how to use some left over plywood and a scroll saw to make something fun.

Happy Crafting!


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