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A neutral fall arrangement in a fun wooden wheelbarrow.

I made this adorable fall design in my weekly tutorial on Facebook. You can watch the replay here:

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I snagged this adorable wooden wheelbarrow during the recent sale at Hobby Lobby. It was part of the spring shop, so it was about $6. That's a steal! I could picture fall & spring designs in it.

To make it interchangeable I cut a block of floral foam, and this is what I will use to create my design. Really the only thing different is I'm not attaching this permanently into my wheelbarrow. I will hot glue all my items into the foam and then I can easy just swap out the arrangements.

I picked up a few fall picks from the craft department at Walmart. I think these were $1.38. Remember to always work in 3's and odd numbers. So, if you find a couple different designs you like; buy 3 of one and 2 of another to have 5 items to work with. Which is exactly what I did with this project.

After I created a pretty little flower arrangement in my floral foam block, I made a simple bow with this black and white ribbon from Walmart. I attached and hot glue a piece of wire that was left over from another project to the bow. This will create a pick you can secure into the foam.

Once your arrangement comes to life, I just simply sat my foam down into the wheelbarrow and it was ready to use. I absolutely love this design; it is so simple yet pretty and really is a great piece to use in my fall decor.

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Happy Crafting!


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