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A leopard print St. Patrick's day sign You'll be wild about!

Can you believe it is March?? Bring it on, I'm ready for all things spring. There's so many things packed in such a short time here, I feel like I want to decorate for all of them. So guess what? I'm going to, my house will just be confused. I've been working on my Easter mantle, and now I'm adding some green. You can't welcome March without thinking about St. Patty's day right??

I mean any reason to craft is a good one! Here's what I started with for this leopard print design, a craftable wooden sign from Michael's, a dollar tree wood shamrock and leopard print scrapbook paper. Sounds perfect right?

The first thing I did was paint the front of my sign green with Anita's craft paint from Hobby Lobby. You could use any color of green you like, I used kelly green. Here's a quick video of how I did from start to finish. KEEP READING THOUGH! THERE'S SOMETHING IN IT FOR YOU!

While that was drying I started tracing and cutting out my scrapbook paper that I will mod podge onto the wooden shamrock.

You always want to trace your paper face down with the design on top.

This way when you cut it out, it will fit just right.

I applied a thin coat of mod podge to the wood then applied my paper. Once I smoothed the paper down I did a coat of mod podge over the top. It looks white here in the picture by I use the glossy type of mod podge so it will dry clear. I ended up doing two coats of green on my sign, once it's dry I will hot glue my shamrock to it.

If you watched my video you saw I made a simple little bow with 4 different types of ribbon and some raffia that I actually tied all together with another piece of raffia. I cut the ends of the ribbon in dovetails(meaning cut so that they have a point) and hot glued my shamrock and bow to the sign. I just love how it turned out and you could certainly use many different ways. My wooden sign from Michaels was hangable so I have many options to style.

Super cute right, I'm wild about it!! If you are looking for an easy inexpensive craft for St. Pat's day this is a good one, BUT I have a surprise for you!

How about a freebie? Everybody loves a freebie! I created a super cute St. Patrick's day printable that you can download and print off. I'll be making a craft with it soon! Get yours here! Then watch my page on Facebook and see how I used mine!

Hope you enjoyed this fun leopard print St. Patrick's day design!

Happy Crafting!


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