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3 Easy black and white home décor DIY projects on a budget

My daughter moved into her 1st place last week and I'm so happy and excited for her and her boyfriend! I remember exactly what it was like trying to decorate my 1st home. I had a vision and then I had a budget...big difference. I figured I was just the gal to help! What's even more exciting, it gives me even more reason to craft.

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Now, back to crafting. My 1st trip to get a couple supplies was dollar tree, they really have some great stuff for DIY projects. Here's what I started with.

I loved the shape of this hanging pennant sign. It was a no brainer, and I immediately knew that it would be the cutest little photo frame. I made this on Facebook live, if you want to see how easy it is to do, out go check it out. It turned out so cute.

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My next 2 little projects don't have to go together but they sure could.

I've been wanting to try making a topiary and I found almost all of the supplies at dollar tree. They had quite a few different sizes of these clay pots and styrofoam balls but I choose the smallest of each. You definitely want to make sure the size complements the other on these two. Luckily these are good to go.

I cut a small square of styrofoam that I already had, but you can find this at dollar tree too. Use a little hot glue and place it tightly down in the pot. I bought a package of spanish moss at Walmart, it's so bright and green it will be perfect for this project.

The first thing I did to get started was pull some of the moss out of the package. I wasn't sure if I was going to add glue to my round foam then roll in the moss or glue and press the moss on. In the end, I put a little patch of glue on then pressed a little bit of moss on. I continued until the entire round was covered in moss.

As the glue cooled a little bit I kept gripping it like a baseball to press the moss into the glue, this also helped form the moss around the foam.

To make this little cutie come together, I took one of these dowel rods I picked up and glued it into the styrofoam that I glued down into the pot.

Decide where you think you want the top part of your topiary to sit and cut your dowel rod if needed. Then place a little glue and push your moss ball on to the dowel rod.

It's so cute! I tied a little twine bow and ribbon on, then painted the bottom of the clay pot white. Now, my next project was this cute little riser. I picked up that little scalloped wood plaque at dollar tree. Then I purchased a 7/8 dowel rod from Walmart and cut 4 - 1" pieces. I glued those to the bottom and painted it all white.

Once I had painted 2 coats of white and it had dried, I started dry brushing it with black paint. This just gave it a rustic, farmhouse look. I used a foam brush, dipped it in the black paint lightly then dabbed the majority of the paint off onto a paper towel. I do this very lightly until I got the look I was going for. Very simple way to paint an aged look.

Super cute and easy, but more importantly budget friendly. I always have paint, paintbrushes, twine, mod podge on hand but these are pre inexpensive items you can get many uses out of. Then each of the items mentioned from dollar tree only being a $1. It's very reasonable to say I did all 3 of these projects for less than $10.

Hope you enjoyed this fun little projects! Happy Crafting!


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