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Buffalo Check Christmas tree and a tree topper you'll love!

I love buffalo check, it's probably safe to say I'm OBSESSED with it! It wouldn't hurt my feelings if this style stuck around for awhile. Are you on board with this idea? Probably so or you wouldn't be reading this. Here's my tree from Christmas 2019, my favorite to date.

I tried to stick with a rustic theme when picking out ornaments for this particular design. I knew I was using the black and white buffalo check along with another snowman ribbon that had some red in it. Those two things were my inspiration.

I incorporated some white ornaments and snowy elements into my tree decor to tie in with the snowman on the ribbon. Can you see him? So cute, I purchased him at wholesale however, or other online craft supply sites had him also. I used 3 ribbons in my design; the snowman with buffalo check, plain black and white buffalo check and grey with the red and black buffalo check stripe both from Hobby Lobby. I put all three ribbons together in a simple loop bow about 20" in length. You can see here the 3 looped together and place on a branch then I just twisted 2 branches together to hold in place.

I purchase everything for decorating in 3's. This is a trick I learned long ago and many of you probably already know. It helps to add balance surprisingly enough to your designs by using an odd number of items.

These big red and black buffalo check poinsettias stole the show, I purchased 11 of these and placed them in the tree. I didn't cut the stems or anything, I thought I might want them for another project down the road.

The white flocked stems were from Christmas decor I had one year where I did a completely white snowy themed tree. Clearly what I'm saying is hoard your Christmas decor because you can easily mix and match pieces from year to year. Notice that little galvanized ornament in there, he's from hobby lobby. I liked adding that in along with the grey ribbon you see on the side.

The key is purchasing things you love and then add some classic neutral items along with it and you'll have design everybody drools over and it's easy.

By using some burlap and wooden ornaments I kept the rustic style. These berries stems were front The Dollar Tree, just like the snowy flocked stem I just placed them in the tree also.

Love, love, love!!

A simple red tree skirt was all that was needed.

Lastly, let's talk about that tree topper!

I made 2 big bows from the snowman ribbon, buffalo check and red and black buffalo check ribbon. I attached the bows to the different spiral picks, black and white balls and the buffalo check tree that were tied together with zip-ties and then placed on the top of my tree and secured it.

You could easily do this with any type of floral stems or accent pieces you like. I started with the red and white spirals to give my topper some dramatic height, then I added a few other various picks

I loved this tree and I'm so glad I get to share it with you! I hope it inspired you to be creative and do something a little different!

XOXO, Jill

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