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How to make a Patriotic Wreath with sign

Can you believe that we are almost to the 4th of July? This has been a crazy year, one we will NEVER forget. I hope you can take some time and enjoy learning how to create a beautiful Patriotic Wreath to help bring some summer joy to your home!

Isn't this adorable. Who doesn't love the red trucks, they are all the rage right now for EVERY season. This cute sign I found at The Wreath Shop, find their website here:

Here is the supply listed needed to create this wreath.

1 - 18" Grapevine wreath

1 - Wooden sign of your choice

2 or 3 Floral picks or stems in your choice of colors. Here I use blue poppies I picked up at Walmart and 2 red and yellow geranium stems from The Wreath Shop.

1- Accent stem

Coordinating ribbon. I used 2 for this particular design, but the sky is the limit you could use as many as you like.

~Other supplies you will need that you might already have are:

Pipe Cleaners

Craft foam

Staple Gun

Hot Glue

Zip Ties

The 1st step is to attach the sign.This is your focal point on the design. There are a few ways to do this depending on the design. For a wooden sign attachment I use a small piece of craft foam, can be purchased in the craft section of Walmart. I cut a small rectangular shape and staple a pipe cleaner to it. That will be what I use to attach the sign to the wreath securely. I determine where to place my stapled pipe cleaners once I've played around with the placement on the front of grapevine form.

Once the pipe cleaners are stapled on to the sign securely, I flip it over and weed the pipe cleaners through the grapevine and pull tightly and twist to secure. You will want to go back with scissors and cut off the extra length of your pipe cleaners.

Now, it's time to start adding your flowers and greenery. I always begin by cutting the stems so I can hot glue and place individually.

I typically start with the colored flowers 1st and once I like where they are placed I will dip in my hot glue and attach to the grapevine form. Once the main focal flowers are in place I will start with the smaller flowers. As this is starting to take shape I make a decision as to where I will place my bow.

I use an E-Z Bowmaker I purchased from Michaels. Around $10 and it is my favorite!

If using different sizes of ribbon for your bow, you always want to start with the largest size. I am using a 2 1/2" ribbon and a 1 1/2", so I'm starting with the 2 1/2". Depending on the type of bow design you want, your first ribbon might have 2 loops or it can have as many as you like. This design I'm doing 4 loops with both ribbons.

This particular type of bow I will take a minute and spread the loops out and pull the tails all to the bottom.

Now that I have both ribbons done, I will spread out the loops and get ready to secure and remove from the bow-maker. Using a zip-tie I will slide it right in the middle of my loops and pull off of the bow maker holding it between my fingers. I will slowly start to tighten my zip-tie all while fluffing my ribbon and making sure the loops are straight. Once I'm ready to secure I slide a pipe-cleaner inside the zip-tie before it is tightened all the way. This is what I will use to attach my bow to the wreath.

Then pull the zip-tie as tight as you can, remove the extra and you will have your pipe-cleaners ready to attach.