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1 ribbon to update your fall decor simply!

I love fall and there are so many choices when it comes to decor. From the color schemes, signs, arrangements, and wreaths. Let's just say, if your like me go ahead and buy another plastic storage container for your new decorations!

Each year I stroll the isles of Hobby Lobby drooling over what is new, then I think to myself well what do I already have. I like to pull everything out see what I want to keep and what needs to go. Home decor can be like your wardrobe, if you have a few staple pieces you can simply change things and have an new design each year. Ribbon is a great way to do just that!

I had this tobacco basket from Hobby Lobby that I had picked up cheap because the bottom had been broken. Knowing that I could glue in a piece of styrofoam to build a design on I snagged it. I used it for 1 season then, it was in desperate need of an update.

I incorporated a couple new pumpkins and some ribbon and take a look at the difference. So cute and much more put together.

My favorite ribbon, maybe of all time is the burlap, black and white buffalo check edges from Hobby Lobby. I purchased it last year and they brought it back again this season and I picked up more. It's great for anytime if your obsessed with the style like me!

Here's where I used this ribbon and make a few simple changes to add a pop to my decor.

A small 2 loop bow to this simple rustic wreath hanging on mantle.

And another bow added in to a white pumpkin centerpiece I had setting on an end table.

Now I've got a cohesive look to a few fall items just by adding 1 simple ribbon and making a couple bows.

Check out my page on my favorite wreath making tools and supplies to see my favorite bow maker!

I hope you get the chance to find this ribbon or something else you love this season and save a few bucks by updating with 1 ribbon. Happy Crafting!!


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